lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010


Like most double exposures, this was a happy accident. The amount of things that blend in one picture when both exposures are good is amazing.

By the way, the olive oil bottle was the subject of one of the pictures. The cat was the subject of the other one.

Holga 2010-05

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

The Cat and the Fish

Mmmmm... well... Roar!

And something else: The Big Picture, a photojournalism blog of the Boston Globe, has a story about the eruption of Mt. St. Helena in Washington State 30 years ago. The truth is, I had never heard of it, but the pictures, and the story behind, are amazing. Just a recommendation.

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Today, Paris

One more place in the world where I could use my little but very powerful Fisheye and a 400 ASA film. It was my first time in Paris but I won't put any picture of the Eiffel tower, basically because I didn't take any. I took these ones instead:

Fisheye 05-10

Fisheye 05-10

Fisheye 05-10

Fisheye 05-10

Fisheye 05-10